Shell Welding

Posted: August 10, 2010 in Furnace Body


Not too much to say here except that I’m a total welding novice, and I finally got some welding done on the shell:

  1. Tacking the steel ring to the lid (in addition to the sheet metal screws)
  2. Tacking the two bottom pieces together
  3. Attempting to weld a burner clamp to a steel bracket that I made

The lid wasn’t too bad.  I made sure to mostly heat the ring and get as little on the tub as I could.

The two bottom pieces could have been worse, but ran into the issue that while the tub SEEMS like a thick piece of metal, it really isn’t… I was having to be very careful not to melt it away as I was doing my welding.  I left a couple of small holes, but by and large it looks ok.   Both of these were simply done in spots, not all of the way around.  The latter would have been nice, but I was running out of patience and time.  🙂

The third one was a colossal problem.  I don’t know why I hadn’t realized it before, but the clamp I was using was NOT steel… I think aluminum.   So, as I was heating the steel the clamp would just melt away.  Bah!  Fine… steel pipe it is.

In any event, here’s the rough-form furnace shell.  Not too horrible for someone that hasn’t welded in 20 years, but not as awesome as I was hoping.  Practice makes perfect.


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