Firing up the Burner

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Burner

Well, the new propane regulator finally arrived so it was finally time to hook up to my propane burner.   Initially I was intending to use an old Acetylene regulator that I no longer needed but:

  1. The connector was designed for one of the gray tanks, not the commonplace propane tanks.
  2. I’ve read conflicting information on whether you can safely use Acetylene regulators on Propane and vice versa.

Given that I’d need to buy adapters, etc, I decided that it just wasn’t worth the risk since propane regulators can be cheap (though they can also be very expensive.)  

However, I had bought the high-pressure hose first, back when I thought I could use the Acetylene regulator… so now I had to mate that up to a propane regulator

I’d read good things about people using generic “turkey fryer” regulators and ended up going that way.  Since I already had the Bayou Classic hose, it seemed like a good idea to get the Bayou Classic propane regulator and it seemed relatively well regarded as opposed to some others.  It can go from 0 to 30 psi which should be plenty of heat for what I’m trying to do.  20 psi should be sufficient from my reading, but 30 gives us a little extra headroom.

Now, in retrospect, I may have been better served by buying a burner kit but I was doing piece-meal.  If I’d gotten the kit, I could probably reuse the pressure gauge without needing to spend an extra $10 in connectors and extra mess.   

So, one trip to Home Depot later, and I have the appropriate adapters.  A 3/8″ flare step-down to 1/4″ FIP, a 1/4″ MIP bushing that screws into it that steps down to a 1/8″ FIP… which connects to the burner!   Remember… gas-grade teflon.

Ok, so I hooked it all up and gave it the initial firing.  Things look pretty good, but I think I may need a little more  in the way of air intake… even fully open I get tiny tongues of orange flame.  To be expected?

But there’s a problem…  the flame is combusting IN THE TUBE, basically right at the end of the air intake… about 2-3″ past the tip of the jet.

What to do?   I’m pretty sure that the gas is supposed to combust post-flare.  I haven’t tried to light it up without the flare connected yet.


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