The Fan-Grill Holder

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Burner

After seeing that cool video of the jet engine with the fan-grill flame holder from the Fixing the Propane Burner post, I decided to give it a shot  on my burner.  Could that slow down my flame enough to be stable?

After cutting out the center ring and keeping posts on the side to go into slots I notched into the end of the pipe, I brazed it into place.

I melted off one of the arms.   Ah well.

Then I hooked it to the regulator and fired it up.

It lit immediately.. VERY stable.  The nature of the flame has completely changed.   The gas used to be a rocket exiting the tube, and you could feel the power.  The new flame is whisper-quiet.

The picture above is at a significantly lower PSI.   The edges of the intense blue flame got a lot softer and tend to merge together a bit more.   No real difference in length of the blue jet, much narrower yellow corona.

No amount of tweaking pressure or choke really changed the yellow flame.   I’m gathering from this that I’ve slowed the flame down TOO much, so it’s not drawing in enough air now.    Will cutting away a couple of bars work to reduce the obstructions and cause the gas to flow a little faster so that it burns better?   Still, good to know that I’m on the right track!


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