I’m hoping that this place becomes a central repository of links to examples of the creativity of the smithing community,  To that end, I’m documenting my own efforts as well as providing a forum for others to show their work.  Links to good sources of information and supplies will remain in the sidebar to reduce the problems in locating usable materials.



I’ll primarily be documenting my attempt to build a homemade, effective and (relatively) inexpensive furnace.   I take absolutely no responsibility for anyone attempting to duplicate my efforts and failing, injuring themselves, or burning down their house.  Please be careful!

I’ve scoured the web looking for insights, techniques, etc, and have put them into practice for my own purposes with changes and improvements (I think) of my own.  The furnace that I’m creating is NOT the simplest way to get into this, but it IS pretty cool and has features that some others do not.

If you see me doing something, or contemplating something that you feel is a horrible mistake, feel free to let me know!


In addition to documenting my own creation, I’m inviting anyone who has built, or is building their own forges, furnaces, burners, etc, to submit pictures and/or links to share with the community in the Gallery of FireI’d like it to be a place where people can go to get ideas about the various ways that things can be done, look over new innovative features that others may not have considered, and in general be entertained by the ingenuity and craftsmanship of others. 

 In the Gallery of Earth I invite people to submit examples of the smithing and glass-working arts… objects created via fire.  Professionals as well as hobbyists are welcome, though I may have to restrict the number of examples on display per user depending on how things go.  Links back to the users sites can be provided, so that people can peruse other works not on display, purchase copies, etc.


If you want to leave a comment, feel free to fill out a comment on the individual page.  WordPress comments require an email address to fill out (or a WordPress account) but don’t post them.

If you feel that contacting me directly is more appropriate, you can send an email to kcrucible@hotmail.kom (you know how to fix it.)  I apologise in advance if it takes me a while to check this address.


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